Our annual draft consists of two portions...

Our annual draft consists of two portions. All Owners receive 22,500,000 in Action! PC Football money. Minimum prices for players are $1,200,000 for non-Quarterbacks, and $2,400,000 for Quarterbacks.
The first part of the draft is our free agent auction, in which all of the players who are eligible free agents are bid on by all teams.
Upon conclusion of the Free Agent Auction, we begin our New Player Draft. New Players are those players that have never played in Action Game Plan Draft League.

The team with the best record not to make the playoffs gets the first pick, with the next best following, and so forth as we make it through all twelve teams. Teams draft until they run out of money to pay for players.
At the conclusion of the New Player draft, we have four supplemental picks which are free, over and above the initial $22,500,000 allotment for the draft.
The Plan A Pick can be anyone with a PCACtion price of $1,000,000 or less.
Three Plan B Picks are anyone with a PCAction price of $500,000 or less.